opens vs private appointments


Opens vs Private Appointments


For buyer inspections, you have two options:

  • Set open inspections once or twice per week
  • Private appointments only


Open inspections


Open inspections involve specific days and times of the week when your property will be open to the public for viewing. We usually conduct inspections on Wednesdays and Saturdays and we would select a time that showcases your property best.


The benefits of open inspections are:


  1. When genuine buyers see other people at an open, they feel more urgency to act
  2. Opens encourage buyers to engage. In today’s time-poor society, some buyers are not willing to call agents to organise an appointment, especially if there are similar properties available via open inspection. They will generally view those first
  3. Opens are set for the duration of the campaign and can therefore help you manage your own schedule better
  4. There is still the opportunity for buyers to request a private appointment if they are unable to attend the opens or want more time in the property


Private appointments only


Private appointments require buyers to contact us to arrange a day and time to view your home. We would coordinate this with you.


The benefits of private appointments are:


  1. They allow us to present your home to buyers in a more customised way according to that particular buyer’s priorities
  2. We can focus our time and energy on that one buyer. We can answer all their questions directly and offer solutions to their objections, thereby increasing their engagement in your home and the likelihood of an offer
  3. Your privacy is protected – no stickybeak neighbours or tyre kickers!