landlord information

shutterstock_70171258When your property is managed by Monfries Real Estate you get a more personalised service, your property manager David is the owner of the company and he will go out of his way to make sure your investment property is properly managed.

To attract the best tenant for your property, the first thing we need to get right is the marketing. Just as important as the photos, scripts play a significant role in a prospective tenant viewing your property. Not everything about your property can be portrayed in photos. Tenants want to know before an inspection if your property offers amenities such as air conditioning, dishwasher, fans, or a bath. They also want to know about the location, and nearby schools and shopping centres. The more information we give highlighting the property’s features, the better chances of more people turning up to the opens and applying for the property. By doing all of the above, we increase the number of people turning up to your property giving you more options in choice of tenant. We believe that professional photography and professional scripts will help you to maximise your returns and attract the best tenants for your property.

We always strive to get you the maximum rent possible, however we also must keep in mind setting the correct market rent to get your property rented as soon as possible.
You may place your property on the market at whatever rental amount you wish. However, keep in mind that it is market demand that sets the rent, and if the market (i.e. prospective tenants looking for a rental property) thinks that the asking rent is too high, your property may stay vacant longer than necessary.

With this in mind, be aware your annual rental returns will be reduced by 2% for every week it is vacant!