why list with us

  1. David and Tim have an excellent track record for strong sales results. Past clients will attest to David and Tim’s unique ability to maximise sale prices through exceptional marketing, personalised buyer follow-up and expert negotiating
  2. Monfries Real Estate has a personal database of qualified buyers who are ready to buy now. Monfries Real Estate has been working closely with these A+ buyers and they will trust their recommendation to inspect your home
  3. Monfries Real Estate will call every buyer who inspects your property to gauge their interest and answer their questions, leading to greater engagement and competition for your home
  4. David and Tim are highly skilled and trained negotiators who will never recommend that you accept a price that is less than your home deserves
  5. Monfries Real Estate has a strong focus on service and will be by your side every step of the way. You can contact David or Tim 24/7 and can rely on them to always do as they say they will. You will always be able to reach David and Tim, with their emails delivered directly to their IPhones
  6. David and Tim work with a personal team/PA – Anna Monfries. With her support focused on all the administration tasks, David and Tim can focus on what they do best – negotiating a great price for you
  7. Your property will stand out amongst the crowd due to Monfries Real Estate powerful brand and high quality marketing both in print and online
  8. As a Principal, David is an experienced business owner, meaning a greater level of service for you and the strongest possible commitment to achieving a top result
  9. David’s commitment to ongoing professional development demonstrates his determination to achieve the best result possible for you
  10. Monfries Real Estate organises a free rental market appraisal on every property that is likely to attract investors. Providing a formal written assessment of the potential rental return leads to greater engagement from investor buyers
  11. David and Tim are well respected by their peers and a recognised as local area leaders.
  12. Monfries Real Estate is a member of The Society of Auctioneers and Appraisers, which means they have agreed to abide by their code of ethics
  13. David and Tim are very down-to-Earth with an easy going/bright and bubby/warm and empathetic personality. David and Tim are very approachable and have a great sense of humour/calm manner/genuine interest in helping people

If you are thinking of selling, your choice of agent will make a difference. A great agent will deliver a fantastic price and service experience.

A great agent will take the stress off your shoulders. They will handle every aspect of your campaign and complete all the critical tasks.

A great agent will listen to your needs and respond with action. They will communicate regularly so you always know what is happening. And most importantly, a great agent will have the energy, expertise and negotiation skills to deliver a price your home deserves.Monfriesfulllogowhiteonblack